Workforce Supplier Management

Unlock unmatched efficiency and results with our innovative Workforce Supplier Management approach, focusing on strategic supplier utilization for both contract staffing and direct hire recruiting that delivers exceptional outcomes, setting a new standard in the industry.

Program Features

Our Workforce Supplier Management program is carefully designed to consider the needs of both our Clients and our Supplier Partners, generating a strong sense of partnership that yields success for all stakeholders involved.

Proven Performance and Results


Pricing Improvement

For contingent labor procurement through our supplier management program management offering


Reduction in Turnover

As a result of clear communications and expectation settings through recruitment and onboarding workflows


Productivity Gains

Through effective onboarding and training program implementation along with creation of bot assisted workflow tools

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Discover why our satisfied customers and esteemed consultants recommend us as a trusted partner.

Shyft6 is responsible for the 300+ contractors that we leverage in the field. They do a lot more than traditional “staffing”. Their contribution to our success over the past 20 months is completely unparalleled.


Healthcare Customer

Shyft6 has been one of the most fluid and accessible staffing agencies I have encountered. An impressive feat in today's hiring market. Well done!

Desktop Support Analyst

Professional Services

It's refreshing to work alongside like-minded individuals who believe in the value of what they're doing. We give it our all, and it shows. We strive to become the best not only as individuals but also as a team, making Shyft6 a great place to work!

Director, Operations

Shyft6 Team Member Since 2020
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